Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scout update

In recent developments, Scout has learnt to use his index finger (pointer) to point to things that catch his attention. He has learnt to say 'adu' (for 'that'). He has learnt to shake his head sideways meaning "no". Now combine all the three together for everyday situations at the Average household. 

Scout: "adu" *pointing finger in general direction of ball, choo-choo train, book etc.*
Amma: "ball-aa?"
Scout: *shakes head sideways*
Amma: "choo-choo aa?"
Scout: *shakes head sideways*
Amma: "book aa?"
Scout: *shakes head sideways*
Amma: *finally catching on* phone-aa?
Scout: "adu.. adu.. adu" *outstretched arms and a mouthful of smiles, grabs phone and proceeds with his business*

Then there was the time the Scout was pointing to Appa and going "adu.. adu". Appa was kicked that his son was asking for him and could be seen running in filmy slow-motion to embrace the son, only to realize that the son was actually going "adu.. adu" for Appa's glasses and not for Appa really. Amma was smirking and declaring that this incident had unquestionably demonstrated son's affinity towards the madre. But even before she could stop preening at the victory, the son made it clear that when he pointed to her and went "adu.. adu", he was only angling for her earrings and not for her. By and large this "adu.. adu" business seems to be showing everyone their rightful place in the household. Ah, well.. I'm waiting for the time I can park a used battered Honda Civic next to a spanking new BMW and tell him "Son, here's your gift from us as you go off to college" and point in the general direction of the cars and say "adu.. adu". :D


  1. LOL!! paapa .. adu adu anbittu.. battered car kodtira?? chho cute!!
    *Muah* to scout!

  2. LOL!

    and which will amma-appa choose of the two cars for themselves? lets check when he's off to college!

  3. Good one AJ. Pretty soon the loyalties to amma and appa will return before they take a temporary hiatus yet again :) But I totally like the BMW Honda civic idea!

  4. Gals, Thanks for the comments. And I entrust you all to hold me to my word 'n' years from now. :)

  5. Ha... the Beemer and Civic .... ade ade ... excellent !

  6. :D

    hahaha! i loved showing the rightful place bit the best! :D