Monday, November 2, 2009

What is your idea of heaven?

  1. Recchiuti, San Francisco
  2. La Maison Du Chocolat, London
  3. Spruengli, Zurich
  4. Richart, Paris
  5. Kodaikanal homemade (Couldn't find them online)
A colleague is visiting Kodaikanal and I recommended the chocolates to him. That is where the chocolate-y lunch discussion started at work and ended with people listing their favorite chocolate stores around the world. What is yours?


  1. I really like See's Candies. Small shop but yummy chocolate :)

  2. Sands: I like See's too! When I can't think of an appropriate gift I turn to See's many times. :)

  3. ghirardelli it is for me :)
    Yummy chocolates and yummier ice creams :)

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  5. Oops, store did you say?? Can't think of any special store .. !!!

    I love any talk about chocolate. Favourite being Ferroro Rocher ;-)

    First time here, let me read more now !! Cheers!

  6. CA: Good choice! :)
    lostworld: Of course you can pick choco brands as well. :)

  7. Can I add unknown little shop in Lucerne that served the yummiest homemade chocolate/milkshake??
    Directions: opposite to Lucerne train station, across the lake. Shop is sandwiched between some restaurants and serves only ice creams and milk shakes and chocolate.

  8. any dark chocolate that has is between 65% to 85% dark. no milk chocolates for me!

    remember M picking up a brand called Freys from the US. awesome spicy pepper chocolate!! and same brand had some with lemon as well.

    total chocolate heaven! :D


  9. cluelessness: Swiss choco fan, eh? :)
    Mama-Mia: The true chocolate connoisseurs are the dark choco fans like you, I believe. :) I can do up-to 65% or so but 85% is an acquired taste, no? Yes, I have had Freys, thanks to co-workers. :)

  10. had some in belgium one time - cant remember the name but we bought them directly from the shop where they were being made. heaven would be an understatement.