Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Too many babies!

Too many babies in the house. And I'm not even talking about the Scout and the Minor*. I'm talking about me! I want to throw a tantrum right now about the lack of sleep, about not being able to give my 200% at work, about doing a half-a$$ed job at housekeeping, about not being able to eat when I want to and sleep when I want to, about not being able to exercise and a million other mundane things that have become luxuries around these parts. Right now I'm just trudging along and waiting for the day when the two of the *real* babies turn 3 and 1. I hope by then we will be able to figure out some semblance of a life. Will be back in 6 months then!*

* - Yes, renamed Vic to Minor. Like MiM said, Vic was soo not an average name. :)
** - Many thanks to all of you for checking on me from time to time. We are doing fine in general but juggling one too many things, that's all. Sending many good thoughts to all of you as always.