Monday, October 12, 2009

palkova contd.

palkova contd from here

He was reading the newspaper and casually remarked -- "That palkova is Diwali bonus from my boss". Her heart sank as she walked into the kitchen to get dinner ready. She gasped! Dinner was ready. Curry, sambar and rassam awaited. As she turned to look at him, he smiled and went back to his newspaper.

Update: continued here.


  1. chox: and.. you continue. :)
    mim: Are you sending me any vadas with the tag? :P

  2. haha! So cute. Now I know what I want for my bday :-P

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  4. Gosh! Distracted by the muruku in the header!

    Came from MiM's version of the Palkova :)