Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talkathon prep

I'm making a list of things that I need to talk to the GI about when I call him next. The list has mundane things like bills that need to be paid or papers that need to be signed etc, that are boring but important and not to mention urgent, and I'm sure I'll forget a few of them if I don't have a list. Although I make a number of lists, I think this must be the first time I'm making one such list to aid me while talking to the husband. :) This reminded me of a girl in college, years ago, who made a list of things that she needed to talk to her boyfriend about in their regular evening 'talkathon', otherwise they wouldn't have much to talk about, she said. (Note: her list also included corny stuff). I had subtly pulled her leg for having to make such lists. Now my smart mouth comes to bite me back! Sigh! 


  1. LOL!

    i even used to make a list of all that my lil one had done to tell him, lest i forgot! you see it was ultra important stuff, especially given that the man was half the planet away.

  2. chox: Psst.. Scout's activities were in my list too. :) But it didn't have any corny stuff, I swear. :)