Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wedding limericks (tag)

MFT's post reminded me of this game played in weddings where you are asked by aunties and others to "take" your new partner's name by making up a limerick. I believe, like most other games meant for weddings, this helped to build camaraderie between the bride and the groom in the days when people got married without having known each other. 

Here's my (apology of a) limerick from our wedding. 

My husband <GI> knows a Meena
He even knows a Reena
But I have his keys
And also the house lease
Am I not the queen-ha?

Gah, I shudder at how juvenile it seems now. [But Hey! they don't give you even a few minutes before they all gang up on you to make one up right that second.]

I'm forcefully tagging chox, mft, mim and sands to take this up as a tag and kick my lame limerick ass. 


  1. Nice one AJ. Wonder what you are cribbing about!

  2. Reminded the time some thought it was funny to ask me my hubby's name at the wedding. I answered with a hint of hesitation only to be reminded by my grand mom that it was supposed to be said with shyness and that I was supposed to be a demure bride :)

  3. Sands: Thanks darlink but I still think it's pretty cheesy.
    CA: You should take the tag up as you have already experienced the said practice. :)

  4. cheesy is easy. also fun.
    will try my hand at it AJ.

  5. Wow thats great lyrics! especially when you have to come up with it in like minutes surrounded by 100s of ladies who are ready to make fun of you anyways! I know my neighbour didi who came up with such stuff right before her wedding :)

  6. chox: Thanks for taking it up!
    R's mom: Take it up, should be fun!

  7. AJ: Came here via sands blog! This reminds me of my wedding day. My husband composed couple of his own while I borrowed from my sisters! In marathi we call them 'Úkhana' - mine are in Marathi but this is an interesing tag to relive some old memories. I'll try to put the translations in as well!

  8. changed my webpage to Please update :)

  9. Minal: Waiting for your post. :)
    Shruti: Alrighty. :)

  10. AJ,
    Done here -

    God I went on a memory trip and tried something new as well:-)))

  11. Sands / CA / MFT / Minal: Thanks a bunch for indulging me. :)
    Chox: All OK almost. :)

  12. hehe! cute! like someone else even i had to a Ukkhaana! i had actually learned few by rote and couldnt remember a thing when i had to!

    M did much better by making up one at the last minute!



  13. Choxie: Thank you!
    Abha: Welcome. You should do a post too. :)

  14. Hey, this is good ! terrific last line too.