Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why I want to have a second one.

There might be many reasons but right now, my top reason to have a second one is so that the Scout has company when he sleeps in his own room at night. Yeah, my 10 month old has moved into his own room for various reasons, but mostly because he sleeps better when he doesn't see me! Yeah, that's right, as non-intuitive as it might sound. The minute he sees either of us, even in the dark room in the night, he stands up in his crib and gets either excited or cranky, wanting us to hold him. So we decided to try making him sleep in the other room and although I'm not thrilled with the fact, I should say he has been sleeping much better over there, which means we have been sleeping better and everybody is bright and cheerful in the mornings. Baby moving to the other room has somehow resulted in a well-rested, happier family. So far so good. But then when I'm about to drift off to sleep and the night is getting cold and I think about him sleeping all alone by himself, I feel it in my gut that there is something not right about this. I want to give him the company of another. He needs someone he can secretly whisper to, someone with whom he can share his fear of monsters, someone who is just there with him in the same room. Argggh! Damn these maternal instincts. I sure am going to wonder in a few years as to what hit me on the head to get so naively sentimental about it all.


  1. I sooooooooooooo understand!!! Me thinking of a 2nd 1 too.. Just don't have the guts to go for it!! n Hubby dearest will freak out if I even mention it.

    awww hes just 10 months old.. moving to his room already???

  2. You should. It is beautiful to watch them grow together. After sharing a room for almost 5 years, my little one just moved to his own room :) They loved hanging out together and chatting late into the night!

  3. Shruti: What to do? Moving into his own room.. he asked for it (almost). :P
    Sands: Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  4. Ah ... its just the right time for you to read my latest post on Junior where she cuddles with her akka in the night :D

  5. should...It is the warmest feeling ever to see them play together and see the love and concern they share for each other...(fighting withe ach other is a different story alltogether, but hey it is all in the game right ;)??


  6. its lovely to have another but its hard work.

    its hard work but its lovely to have another.

    (the statements can be read in any order).

  7. I agree, you should have two.
    Three is even better :)