Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a question you’ve always wanted to ask a fellow blogger but didnt know what she would think… (tag)

The mim and her mo-joe are back and cracking the whip with a joe-cular tag. :)


rules of this tag

ask a fellow blogger one question that youve been puzzling about…

and pass it fwd


My question to choxbox (w.r.t current header pic): How many chox in the choxbox did the choxbox eat?


And to answer mim's question, what can I say but that I married up! :P


  1. Appetizing header...lovely...did you make them all ;)?

  2. Thanks girls!
    sole: I don't think I can make even one of those with any level of confidence. My mom made those as part of the spread for my baby-shower a year or so ago. Just thought it was a good enough picture for Deepavali and used it. :)

  3. Absolutely professional...i am totally awed!Your mum has a fan :).

  4. the previous anon comment was me.


  5. thanks:-)

    scrumptious header...

    i have a parallel question to chox as well?

    what happens when chox thinks out of the box -- does she have a right to retain her handle?


  6. Wow! Yummy header.. Nice play of words AJ & MiM..

  7. AJ and MiM, Masters of the Planet PJ, I bow to thee(s).

    Okay will take up tag AJ.

  8. sole: Will convey your message to the amma. :)
    mim: Thanks for the tag.
    Shruti: Thanks!
    chox: Thanks for accepting the tag.

  9. heehee, you certainly have a way with puns.