Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bucket list (tag)

Tagged by starry

Bucket list: 
  • Get life insurance. :P
  • Run a marathon or more realistically, a half.
  • Join as many classes as possible: public policy, investing, anthropology, green energy, film-making, watch-making, tennis, violin, french, dance, dress-making... and apply learnings.
  • See the Himalayas. Hike to the Everest base station.
  • Find an alternate career for the last lap. May be teaching.
  • Kick @$$ at poker.
  • Watch all of IMDB top 250.
  • Sit by a fountain with the GI and watch the kids live their lives.
  • Earn more. Give more.
Bucketed list:
  • Grad school in the US at zero cost.
  • I once told my prof that it was my dream to work for XYZ company and the dream actually came true.
  • Married a guy with whom I see eye-to-eye on most major issues. Here we will not focus on the fact that we don't see eye-to-eye on most minor issues. :)
  • Machu Picchu with the GI.
  • Mentoring younger folk in the family. Got an 'awesome-teacher' certificate from a cousin and her friends for helping them with their college Math. Got a 'best-sleepover-ever' certificate from the niece recently. There is definitely a sense of satisfaction that comes out of being there for these kids when they are at crossroads -- be it entry to college or career planning or boy-friend trouble or just getting to the warp zone in Super Mario bros. :)
  • Organizing social events at work and outside. I thrive on these. Sometimes I think I want to be an event manager if I ever have a second job. I'm sure the friends for whom I organized a bachelor's party will be my clients if not anyone else. ;)
I get this feeling that I'm hitting 'publish' too soon. I'm afraid this is and will always be work in progress. 

If you are reading this, please consider yourself tagged.


  1. damn.. i need to get life insurance too. its at the bottom of my bottomest TODO list.

  2. Oh MY GOD! Awesome Jane you are...change that Average Jane name quick! I just loved the mentoring part...I wanna do that too...!

    So I know whom to approach for the next event we're having:)

    Maybe this should be a work-in-progress tag. Update twice-yearly:)

  3. awesome lady!

    am shamelessly going to borrow some of your bucket ones:)

  4. Well done AJ. This list resonates on many levels.
    p.s: "watch the kids live their lives."
    Is there a Scout Jr. you are not tellins us about? ;-)

  5. happyfeet: Tell me about it!
    starry: Thanks for the tag dude. Was a good one.
    chox: We can barter some of the bullets in each others lists. :)
    TPL: I knew that question would come up. :) Will you do the tag, please? :)

  6. Machu Peechu pic looks awesome ! And hey ... event manager thing ... one of my dreams too !!! Check out ...

  7. I had event management too in my list :) I can relate to a bunch of other ones you have here as well!

  8. Starry: Forgot to say I got most kicks when I taught my friend's kid how to get to the warp zone in Mario. I was like the coolest aunt for weeks after. Also made me realize that I should keep a few secret tricks up my sleeve even with the Scout so he is forced to look up to me for something or the other or to redeem myself when I embarrass him. ;)
    CA / Sands: We should so totally do this event management gig. :)

  9. tpl notices things almost invisible to the naked eye...

    spill all, aj


  10. TPL / MiM: When you get to my age everyone is a kid. Even the parents have started acting like kids! :)

  11. Nice list AJ and hope you get to bucket the bucketed in the next 20 years :)!

  12. Awesome, both the lists! Impressed with your zest AJ :)

  13. Firstly, impressive list AJ! Like I said in Starry's post, I shall do this post in ten years time. Have a long way to go still. :)

    Secondly- Oh AJ, beautiful BEAUTIFUL header! Simply breath-taking!
    Pliss to tell the story behind it! :D

  14. sole/MFT: You guys are too kind. :)
    Miss M: Header pic is from a trip to MachuPicchu / Peru in '07. Thankfully that view is not that hard to reach.

  15. Done. It was a good stock-taking exercise :)

  16. :) love the header. And the bucket list read like most of mine, although the bucketed list, like someone up here said, shows you need to change your handle quick. First time here, good read.

  17. Nino's mum: Welcome! :) You should do the tag, please. :)