Thursday, November 12, 2009

5 girly(?) things I wish I could do

(.. God knows, I have tried! ..)

1. Wear heels comfortably. I can manage about 2-inch heels if I'm getting into the car and going straight to a brief event that does not have too much standing or running around, but that's about it.

2. Nails and nail-paint. Can do once in a while but really hate chipped nails and receding polish and don't have the enthusiasm to constantly touchup and all that. High-maintenance if you ask me. 

3. Wear dresses more often. What can I say? I'm a sucker for comfort and comfort equals jeans.
4. Shopping trip with girl-friends after a busy week. I can see why it could be cathartic but shopping equals making constant decisions about what could be a good pick and that equals 'work' for me.

5. Bat my eyelids and wriggle my way out of situations. Like out of a Rachel Green - Officer Hanson situation.

Tell, tell. Which of the above can you do well? What can't you do? What won't you do? ;)


  1. first 2 I hate doing.

    Dresses with tights is to wear to go.

    I love shopping..but alone

    5 Not eyelids but I think I show a bit of cleavage and can get alot done.

  2. 2 and 3 I'd love to...but can never get myself to! Not girly enough...hmpfff....

  3. This is such a fun post!
    I CANT drive with heels. Otherwise, can manage upto 2.5".
    Not into nail paint, except for a recent black nail phase :-O
    #3, #4 - can do occassionally. Never tried #5.

    What I'd like to do: is to be able to whip up quick meals when guests come unannounced. I need atleast 2 days notice to mentally prepare for a big crowd.

  4. AJ...I am exactly you..replica..ditto!!!! Long lost sisters are we???

  5. i cant do fine motor activities. i cant sew, thread a needle, unhook a tight hook, wear earrings without dropping them, apply mehendi,

    I can cook for 20, when i am only supposed to cook for 10.

    and i cant comment on this blog with my wordpress id. this is no way to treat a godblogger, young aj.

  6. Oh, I long for the nailpolish too...but settle for toe-nail-polish! Good compromise:)

    Hey, you're tagged!

  7. Sraikh: Yep, like the dresses and tights trend too. :) And I bow to your honesty once again.
    sole: Let's hold hands and get through 2 and 3
    TPL: You da girl! What is your definition of a quick meal?
    R's mom: soul sistah!
    mim: Young? Where did you get that idea dorling? Trying to find a fix to the comment problem..
    starry: Compromise?! That's a WIN! Will pick up tag. Thanks!

  8. echo echo echo - every single item on your list!
    2 yrs ago, I got all adventurous and bought quite a few pairs of dainty heels.. which are sitting pretty eating up space in my shoe rack. I take them out, try them out for the whole 5 seconds it takes to reach the door - but before I head out, I decide it aint worth the pain and get back into my comfi flats.

    HD just laughs his head off and asks me if I'll ever ever wear 'em.

    If I had my way, I'd shoot the critter who invented heels and the notion that women look 'good' in heels.

  9. Ditto for 2 and 3!!

    I pulled off an entire week growing my nails, shaping them and painting them. But after a week I lost all enthu! :(

    And I have yet to go manicure and pedicure. I should do that too!

  10. richajn: We should have a club for heel-practice and practice on one pair each week or something. :)
    Miss M: Yeah, take me along for the mani-pedi. :)

  11. #1 Am getting better each day. I started of with block heels and now have graduated to thinner ones but I much prefer the block heels.
    #2 I get my toe nails painted during pedicure but hand nails am right there with you.
    #3 Am more a skirt girl though I wear dresses occasionally
    #4 Like my shopping alone and like you it is yet another chore for me.
    #5 Haven't tried this one. The color of my eyes get noticed way before I can bat them :)

  12. recently when i was going out alone with the husbandman i wore a pair heels 3 inches high. wore them for the first time - and guess when i'd bought them?

    exactly 10 years back!

    p.s.: tripped on the silly things so much that it might be the last time i wore them too. am back to being 1 foot shorter than the man. hah.

  13. Ah, you girls with tall men. Even 2" and I am taller than him. Now I've made peace and channel Tom-Kat when I wear heels around him :)

    Quick meals = making something with whats currently in your pantry. I am known for some mean desserts but suck at everyday fare like poha, kichdi and idly :(

  14. Sands: But for #4 I think you are wayyyyy ahead of some of us. :)
    Choxie: Same thing here. A few years ago I walked barefoot on the streets of SF on a freakin' chilly Halloween night because I couldn't bear the heels a moment longer. And there's an 8" height difference between me and the GI, so I can use all the uplifting. :P
    TPL: I think you are too gourmet a cook for everyday meals. :P

  15. PL,
    My spouse is exactly 1 inch taller than I am. And he is a skinny ass so if I wear heels, I look like a giant next to him. I used to be able to wear them years ago prior to kids.
    They ruined me.

    And all of you with tall spouses.. pffft

  16. I can do NONE !!! Oh my god ... whats wrong with me .... can't walk in tall heels ... have no nail polish ... am always seen in casual clothes ... no make up .... shopping trips sound on paper .... and bat eyelashes ... never in my life ....
    Does that certify me a Tom Boy !!

  17. CA: You have company, don't worry!

  18. Lol at u gals!! I loveeeeeee heels.. The #2 to #5 same here!!! Ditto ohh except for the jeans Comfort = chudidar for me.. hides the hedious bulges!! ... PC is a good 1 foot taller.. So i get lot of scope.. when we were going out many many years ago n before my 15 kg weight gain, I had all types of heels.. even a mean 6" stilletto.. sigh .. those days!! Now its just flats for me!!!

  19. i cant do any of them!!

    my pedicure happens so that i can toe nails some colour!

    i dont bother wearing heels ever. they gimme a back ache and M is not taller than me! he doesnt care and tells me i can, but nopes. i will save my back!! :D

    and i dont know how to apply nail polish OMO! shucks!