Wednesday, November 18, 2009

5 goofy things I wish I could do

1. Cartwheels to impress kids at parks.

2. Juggle drink mixers / tumblers. Just for the coolness factor, you know!

3. Turn my eyelids inside-out and shock people who ring the doorbell. :D

4. Hula-hoop. Uhuhuhuh. I guess I just don't have flexi-hips. :(

5. Last but not the least: maaro a long, shrill seeti. Most essential when there is a Matt Damon or a George Clooney on the screen or when the husband is up-to some antics.


  1. Have been trying Hula-Hoop for about 2 weeks now ... no success ... Cantaloupe has progressed from nothing to 10 - 15 times :)

    Seeti ... I can whistle ... not the crude way you know with fingers stuck in the mouth. That would be awesome :)

  2. Ditto for the hula n cartwheels. Sigh!

    And flexi hips are a thing of the past after all the joint-rearrangement during preg n delivery!

  3. Seeti...I can marofy..but then not like the one you described..wanna learn it together ?? ;) I am definitely asking someone to teach that to R...!!

  4. [whistle whistle] One cool lady you are!

  5. nice list!

    my older one can whistle like anything - all her ragas and all. you can join me when i take lessons from her :)

  6. when you find someone who can teach you seeti let me know and I will join. The seeti I mean is the one with the fingers stuck in the mouth. As for hula hooping the Nintendo Wii let's you have a blast doing that with a hoop on screen and you just shaking your hips. Am a pro at that ;)

  7. CA: Have been trying to hula for ages now. Can't! Yep, I was talking about the *real* seeti, with fingers in mouth and all. :)
    Starry: You can seeti? OMG!
    R's mom: Yes, do you have a teacher?
    happyfeet: Really? I CAN'T do any of those in case you misread!
    Chox: And then we will take her along with us to the *real* seeti class if you agree. :)
    Sands: Ahh. Good tip on the wii. So is there a hoop in this case? I meant *real* seeti with fingers in mouth. :)

  8. I agree. Matt Damon deserves a seeti. As does a Ed Norton.

    p.s: I haven't forgotten the tag.

  9. TPL: Ed Norton, eh? Italian job? :)

  10. That too. But top fave is 'The Painted Veil'

  11. I learnt the Seeti!! and in the true Mawali way. I can put a guy to shame any day!! You just need a good tutor and some hands on practice.

  12. Guddi: Please, please, please upload video tutorial. :)