Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whose recipe is it anyway?

Which of the following do you think irritates me the most?

(1) I make a crispy yet fluffy bajji and an aunt from the mom's side asks me if I learnt cooking from the mom.
(2) I make a tangy saaru (rassam) and an aunt from the husband's side asks me if I learnt cooking from the mil.
(3) I make a mean bisi-bele-baath and the sil asks me if I learnt cooking from the husband.
(4) I make a reasonably well-textured dhokla (never mind that it came from the instant mix) and the friend from grad school asks if I learnt cooking from my Gujju roomie.

I'm irritated that nobody gives credit where it is mostly due,  where people use standard measures to write recipes, where people don't use words like "kaNNaLathe"(roughly translates to "as measured by the eye") or "andaaju"(roughly translates to "more or less") as terms of measurement. Thank you internets. :)


  1. trick question :)

  2. i think (3)?

    *i would splutter like a mustard seed, if i heard that one*

    (and your blogspot, is awfully hard to post a comment on aj -- could you make it simpler, pl.?)


  3. Anon: I think I know who you are. :)
    MiM: Sorry, disabled the captcha now. Did not know it was on.

  4. awww i know what u mean :( .. i usually say, i experiment a lot!

  5. LOL!

    and yup my comment didn't get posted - it was so brilliant too.


  6. Uhuhuh. Comments still not fixed? I thought I fixed it!

  7. Have suffered with Kannalathey/Andaaju recipes..and hence join you in thanking the Internet now, profusely :D

    Very genuine complaint there..mine's a lil different - Kannadiga being part of Tamil family, anything good I make, not in Tamil cuisine is immediately tagged 'some traditional kananda recipe' !

    I gave up explaining and just say 'Yep! But don't ask me the name' :P

  8. I think all the three are pretty irritating...but I can give you one solution to do away with 1 and 2. I started making thai / mexican / italian dishes and no I don't have any thai / mexican or italian friends/relatives. FINALLY, I can get credit for my cooking.

  9. AHK: LOL at the Kannada / Tamil dish fights. :) May be literally fighting with the dishes would help. :)
    cluelessness: Good idea but you have aunty-types who are open enough to try Thai / Mexican / Italian? Wow! I do have some aunts who try and my parents happily try but they are not "aunty-types" by that virtue you see. :)

  10. All very annoying.

    Next time dont bother feeding them