Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And his social life starts..

Scout got back home from the daycare with a fancy balloon, a reasonably big bag of candies and a toy -- all part of the goody-bag from a kid's birthday celebration at the daycare. With that we mark the beginning of the boy's own social life. :) He lovvveees the balloon. Has breastfed, eaten, pooped, bathed and crawled while clutching the string in his hand. 

PS question: Are we supposed to reciprocate by having a similar celebration with goody-bag and all when his birthday comes around?


  1. ..NOOOOOOO! That's how it all starts...and before you know it, the parents are competing to make the best goody bag in's so much pressure!

    Plz excuse the overreaction while I go and contemplate on my future life with kid.

  2. cluelessness: Totally get you. :) I'm the sort that doesn't want to have a party till he knows what a birthday is and asks for a party. Even then I'm hoping it will be something simple and not like a mini-wedding of sorts. Yeah, I just have to learn to deal with the fact that the other parents will think of us as free-loading misers who don't celebrate this very "special day".

  3. Oh man...I have been to b'day parties of 1 year olds here that were grander than my wedding reception! And then there is this poor kid in layers and layers of netted frills and gold chains and what not....I almost feel compelled to go release the poor kid from her frock and let her romp around in her undies like all one year olds should!

  4. rofl @cluelessness.

    i agree. NO!

  5. cluelessness: Been there, wanting to do that. :) I once made the mistake of trying to get "data" and asked this parent, who threw a huge soirée for her 3 years old, how much it cost? And she said '14K' (USD), fourteen-freaking-K and I had to hold on to the GI and dig my heels to stop myself from collapsing. That was before the Scout and she all-knowingly told me that I would do the same once I had the baby. Many things have changed about how I felt about things before and after the Scout, but I'm glad this hasn't, otherwise I would have slapped myself silly.

    MiM: I shall cease and desist. :)

  6. another thing...
    when the scout grows up @age 5 say -- never ask him where he wants to have a party.

    one parent did that here...
    and agreed to the place the kid said -- which was an easy Rm 3000...

    I didnt exclaim as loud even when baby param felt up the W.C

  7. I've heard of these extravagant bday parties too. And whats sad is, one of my friends who was criticizing this dhamaka is now arranging a smiliar one for her own 1 yr old!!

    My idea would be to buy group tickets and take the kid and his friends to a petting zoo or a fountain where they can play with animals/water. Not in a hall with balloons and streamers and stencil cutouts from Toys R Us..B.O.R.I.N.G! *end of rant*

  8. MiM: Yeah, that's another thing that gets my goat when parents say things like "She wanted a party at xyz and nowhere else. So we had to have it there, otherwise we would have donated to Shankara eye". Yeah, right!

    TPL: Very good idea for older kids. I'm all for gifting them "experiences" than "objects". But taking the responsibility of managing even 5-6 infants / toddlers in a zoo / park would be too much right now. :)

  9. aha. the birthday party jing-bang.

    we merrily go to anyone who invites us and give them a nice-ish gift (book usually). that closes that chapter.
    our parties - we like home-made simple ones where we all have a ball.