Friday, September 25, 2009

Attention Deficit Dis.... umm.. err.. huh.. what was I saying?!

Yeah, the Average household suffers from it even though we are armed to the teeth with task lists (on the fridge, on a whiteboard in the room, on the computer etc).

Scene1: I come to make mix dinner for the Scout. Completely forget about it and instead start putting the grocery into the fridge and take a minute to figure it out when Scout starts getting cranky.

Scene 2: I open the laptop to reply to this all important email from my manager's manager but then I start composing a blog post. 

Scene 3: The tea boils over EVERYDAY.. enough said.

Can go on with scene 4, scene 5, ... scene 'n'.

And the husband does not fare any better although he has more lists than me stored on Google tasks and Iphone and what not!  For example: He has to go to some embassy in San Francisco to get some visa stuff done today. His appointment was like right NOW! We got all the paper work ready yesterday. We even discussed half an hour ago the best route he could take to beat the traffic. Then he calls me and says he is in the bank for some other admin work and he is gloating about how he remembered to get me some cash from the ATM before which he got me some books from the library and all that. And then I ever so cautiously ask him about what happened to the trip to SF. *click* Disconnected. Duh! Yeah, he can't show face now, he is I assume racing driving to SF as we speak.


  1. Yeah, he is a go-getter at crunch time. :)

  2. Can so relate to the task lists. I need a list for my to-do lists! :) Glad the visa stuff was done..

  3. Are you in SF area?

    And rofl at racing..

  4. sraikh: Yes, I do live in the bay area. :)