Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If TPL encountered a bear..

TPL in one of her posts asked what one was supposed to do if one encountered a bear. Here is a picture we took of a list of instructions on what to do when one encounters a bear. We were supposed to read and assimilate the instructions before getting on the bus in Denali National Park, Alaska. 

IIRC the para before what is on camera was also very interesting. Basically it asked us to run in circles around a tree to confuse the bear "until the bear moves away, then slowly back off" (which is the line cutoff at the top of the pic). Does that help, TPL? :)  

Now that we know what we are to do, given a choice do you want to encounter a grizzly or a black bear? :)


  1. Super interesting post AJ! Run around in circles huh? I was thinking more on the lines of carry-a-fish-or-honeycomb so you can throw that at the bear and while he is eating that, you can run away :P

    You went to Alaska!? Pls do a post on that WITH PICS! Please :)

  2. Wow! isn't that a tad scary... Would u really remember any of these when u really see a bear charging at you?? *shudders*
    U've just been awarded :)

  3. TPL: Alaska is as common a destination as Disneyland these days. :)
    Shruti: Paralyzing it would be. And thanks for the award darlink. :)

  4. Got here from TPL's blog. How was Denali? We did the Alaska cruise this time minus Denali. Just wondered. BTW no bears on the cruise but this will come handy when we do the Denali trip :)

  5. Hi Sands! Denali NP was beautiful. We saw Mt.McKinley! :) (apparently only about 20% of visitors to Denali get to see the mt because of the unpredictable weather). The only way to enter the park is on the park bus and permits are required to get off the bus and go do your own thing. There are no maintained campsites (except at Wonderlake), water, food etc anywhere in the park. You are expected to carry everything including a potty. True backpacking. We however did not attempt to get a permit to go off on our own. We are not that adventurous. :P We just stayed with the bus and the standard day route. We saw a few bears, moose, caribou. We saw one bear bounding up. Not close enough to panic or anything but she(?) was still huge and I'm glad I didn't have to run or play-dead or fight or do anything with her. :)

    How was the cruise? Did they allocate enough time for the glacier walks and the NPs etc?

  6. The cruise was absolutely awesome. When I make the Denali trip, mine would be like yours. I like backpacking and camping but prefer a regular restroom and couldn't imagine having to carry one around :) They give you enough time to plan a pretty simple glacier walk. But if you are interested in some serious trekking on the glaciers you are better off doing it outside of a cruise. You can probably plan any activity that takes 3-4 hours max on land while on a cruise! Hope that helps. What time of the year did you go?