Saturday, September 5, 2009

Six with the GI

One: number of children with the GI.
Two: times 10 pounds is the weight gained (by me) after living with him.*
Three: average number of arguments in a day with the same person.
Four: average number of waking hours spent with him in a day.
Five: times five Illayaraja songs learnt from his bathroom singing.**
Six: years of documented togetherness.

Happy anniversary and more power to us. :) ***

* he hasn't gained a single pound in all this while.
** at least five times five.
*** We went to this (non-Indian) vegetarian restaurant (using organic, locally grown ingredients) and had a fantastically flavorful dinner. The dear boy co-operated as well. He bore a shy smile and stared (!) at people sitting or walking around and they were almost forced to make cutesy conversations with him.
**** Happy teacher's day to everyone.

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  1. Hey!!!! happy anniversary!! :)
    Wishing u many many years of togetherness

  2. three arguments per day. pshaw!
    you should up the argument count for every anniv. year. you guys have alot to catch up.

    happy six!


  3. :) That's pretty well documented. Happy six.
    BTW, hi. I dropped in from somewhere. Your posts are a great read.

  4. Happy Anniversary! May you lose more pounds and get to spend more waking hours with him as the years roll by :)

  5. Shruti: Hey! Thank you!
    MiM: You are more worried about the arguments that the pounds gained by me? :P
    SS: Welcome and thank you!
    mft: Yes, and in that order. :P

  6. happy six!

    and is this restaurant in NYC? had bin to one of them, canr remember the name for the life of me.

  7. Miss M: Thankee. :)
    Chox: Thanks! This in SFO. Was good. But this similar one in SF has lovely views of the bridge. You should come. :)

  8. bin to SFO like 6 years back. lovely place, all of it, esply muir woods. kept bumping into folks from college randomly!

  9. Happy Anniversary from one Ilayaraja fan to another!
    *thana na na.. thaana na na na na...*

  10. Chox: But then LB wouldn't have been here, no? :P
    TPL: Thanks and how about this one? :)

  11. yup there was only fb - she was not yet three. we drove from SFO to LA, then to las vegas (the plan was to go to the grand canyon but weather acted spoil-sport) and then to san diego and back to LA.
    would love to do it again. but first that antarctica cruise!

  12. Congrats on the anniversary!