Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hence, proved.

Costco croissant: 1
Baby Gerber puffs: 0 

Home-made dal: 1
Gerber veggie: 0 

Cut up peach: 1
Pureed peach: 0

Park swing: 10
Amma: 0

High-five to daycare aunty: yes
High-five to amma: no

Scout-wants-to-move-away-from-babyfood test: +ve
Scout-wants-to-be-affixed-to-park-swing test: +ve
Scout-knows-whom-to-impress test: +ve


  1. LOL!! Well put :D

    Was there a some more like 'Scout-wants-to-move-to-advanced-toys test' or 'Scout-knows-when-to come-to-amma-with-a-puppy-face test' ?

    I have a nephew who is in the same stage and can totally relate :)

  2. *high-fives AvgJ and then tries to high-five scout* would he want to impress this auntie?!

  3. ahk: He wants to play with dabbas, utensils, paper, wires, water etc more than toys. Good for us, we have stopped buying him toys. He always has a puppy face on. We call him 'KJ' ('karuNaJanaka') sometimes. :)
    chox: Of course he high-fives you so he might maskafy you and fb and lb to read to him. :)

  4. haha!! nicely put!! :) ((((huggs))) n kissies to scout :)

  5. when? when? when?

    *looks on hopefully*

  6. "Scout-knows-whom-to-impress test" ROFL!

    and of course the croissants are better! Scout knows it best.

  7. Shruti: Huggie from the Scout. :)
    Chox: Dec, may be? If you aren't going to the Antarctic then.. :)
    TPL: Anything with that much butter better be good. :)

  8. the main reason i ran away from london was the dark winters. and you say antartica in december? no way!

  9. chox: Ain't it summer in Dec in the South?