Thursday, August 27, 2009

The ABC of Scout

[Posting delayed..]

Age: 9 months to this day.
Boy/Girl: Boy.
Chews on: Everything although he doesn't have teeth yet.
Dotes on: the grandpa (before he left). Now he spreads his attention equally between amma and appa.
Eats: Cereal, Mashed Veggies, Fruits. 
Finds: the teeniest bit of paper or dust on the floor and picks it up ever so carefully between his thumb and fore-finger.
Gagged: On a band-aid that the nurse stuck to his toe on his right leg after she pricked it for a blood test. On the way back from the doctor's our man sat in his car-seat, put the toe in his mouth and pulled the band-aid off and tried to swallow it, only to be caught in-time by amma when she stopped the car at a red-light.
Hi-fives: Sometimes.
Ignores: older toys.
Jumps: when amma says 'jump-jump-jump'.
Kicks: his blanket off.
Loves: his 'Shapes' book. Wires. The pedestal fan. Tearing paper. The laptop.
Moves: by crawling.
Notices: swaying branches of trees. aeroplanes. chanda-mama (moon).
Opens: Books. Kitchen cupboards.
Poops: daily.
Questions: with an 'eh?' sound and actually expects an explanation.
Races: to bang keys on laptop left unattended.
Says: thathatha, mamama, apapapapa, buvabuva (I think he means 'huva' (flower)).
Toys: Likes household utensils, dabbas, paper etc more than the standard toys.
Uses: Aveeno lotion, soap and shampoo.
Vary of: being left alone in the crib.
Wants: to chew on the phone.
XOXO: Doesn't initiate a hug or kiss yet.
Yawns: widely when sleepy..
Zzzzz:  but takes forever to actually fall asleep.

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  1. Such a lovely post about the scout! :)

    "Kicks his blanket off". That is so cute.