Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Questions you must ask the guy or girl you are seeing..

... if there's even the remotest chance of you ending up married to him or her. :) These are anecdotes gathered from married friends of various backgrounds. Many of these couples knew each other for ages before getting married but were still zapped by some of these daily nits. These questions are not based on big earth-shattering differences but they are daily pain points that won't go away. Heck, it might be even useful to ask the in-laws to answer the questionnaire while at it. ;) All disclaimers apply! I'm not paying for your shrink fees if these questions backfire. :P
  1. Are they a bread-eater or a rice-eater or both? Even among the rice-eaters there are those who like each grain of rice to be separate when cooked and those who like everything mashed up. It matters because I wouldn't expect to cook two types of rice everyday in a 2-member household. Other questions on commonly used condiments (like preference for thickness and consistency of yoghurt or the general healthiness of food cooked) might be valid questions here.
  2. In summer do they want the fan on or the window open when they sleep? (Or other corollaries of this question.)
  3. Do they do their accounts daily or do they never do them or where do they fall in that range? Really, who cares about accounts before marriage but, it is going to come to bite you soon after. :P
  4. Do they shop for grocery in the street market or in the upscale all-organic store?
  5. Do they research like there is no tomorrow before buying even a pin or do they go and impulsively splurge and bring home a bimmer?
  6. Are they a Friends person or a Seinfeld person? Go on, make them admit it if they secretly like Chandler Bing or George Costanza. Gives you an idea of the TV-remote-wars that might happen once married. 
  7. What is their tolerance to left-overs? I have known husbands (never the wives somehow) reluctantly throwing away the smallest part of the vada or pizza that was fungi infected and eating the rest. On the other hand I have known wives and husbands who cannot bring themselves to eat even the afternoon's lunch for the evening's dinner.
  8. Is Sat morning the time to catch up on Himesh Reshamiyya's latest crooning while eating a big breakfast or is it the time to scrub the bathroom floor clean?
  9. and of course this...
  10. and this.


  1. 1a. Are they on team 'plain dosa' or team 'masala dosa' (Im not making the masala for just 1 person). I can write an entire post on dosa wars. Thankfully we both agree that idli sucks :)

  2. TPL: You totally should do a post on dosa wars and also on why you don't like the dosa's poorer cousin.

  3. you bin awarded and tagged AJ


  4. Also, a very important question to the guy.

    Girl- "Can you cook? Cos' I really can't!"

    And then watch the guy run faaaaar away from you.

  5. MiM: Thank you!
    Miss M: :)