Monday, August 17, 2009

Another phase is over..

The in-laws have left as planned. Real parenting begins. Power to us. Luck to Scout. :)


  1. my in-laws leave this weekend. tell me how you are doing Real Parentingwise?


  2. Oh my.

    Good luck with that! I know how difficult it can get cos my cousin had to go through the exact same thing! I'm sure you'll be fine.. you moms today are like superwomen! :)

  3. i feel so like a paati. but will say it since i have to: you will be fine.

    we moved to london with a 4 mo old Fb. after 3 weeks of landing there and finding an apt, H-man left for a week long trip. the first night i did not sleep. i remember wondering how everyone could be stupid enough to trust a tiny baby with me. didn't know a soul in ldn. but hey we survived not just that but the countless weeks and months that we were alone - H-man often traveled you see.

    RealParenting is fun, despite it all :)

  4. MiM: Has been two nights and a day and 2.5 colds so far. Cooking has been outsourced. We are teeter-tottering but moving along.. :) How are you guys doing?
    MissM: 'Super' and 'Average' cannot be used in the same line. :) Thanks for the good thoughts though, darlink! :)
    Chox: Can't think of you as a bumbling parent EVER. :) Thanks for the encouragement. We are doing alright actually except for the colds coming from the daycare. And it is still summer.. :(