Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What do Bose, Dev, Dravid, Gandhi, Khanna have in common?

They not only have first names of 'Rahul' but a bunch of us girls in college had what we thought were insufferable crushes on all of them. We thought they were incurably 'hawwt'! So we did some "desk graffiti" (aka scrape-writing-desk-in-college-classroom-with-a-blade) on this topic. We listed all their names and ranked them by marking stars next to their names. I think Bose got 5 stars (highest) and Gandhi got 3 stars (lowest) and the others fell somewhere in between. Smug to have found some outlet to the uhh hormones, we moved to the next lecture in a different classroom discussing Bose's latest movie and Dravid's batting average and such like. What we did not realize was that the next class had a bunch of girls (or guys?) whose sense of hotness was as cheesy as ours. For when we came back we saw that the ranking we had assigned to the Rahuls had been modified. So we drew a box around *our* Rahuls and wrote 'No trespassing' next to it. The next day the folks from the other class wrote 'Whose property?' and so the conversation continued on the desk. Adding to the cheesiness, one of the friends, a very sensible girl otherwise, wanted to name her son 'Rahul' hoping that he would turn out to be cute, and ahem, yours truly hoped that she would find a boyfriend named 'Rahul'. In retrospect all of the girls in the gang are married now and guess what, each of us has a son also. Let alone getting married to a 'Rahul', none of us have even named our sons 'Rahul'. (Note: Nothing wrong in naming your kid Rahul. In fact it is a lovely name but it would have been extremely amusing to still be stuck with a senseless college crush). Wonder what happened to the folks from the other class. Wonder if people elsewhere around that time had a thing for the Rahuls as well. Did you? :)

Note: This post inspired by cluelessness's comment here.


  1. Never had a thing for the name 'Rahul', but I still have a MASSIVE crush on Rahul Bose!!!

    The man is SO INTELLIGENT.

  2. I couldnt resist commenting.
    I am the second-bencher (like the BackBenchers) of the class. Yeah, I remember the whole madness and josh. BTW, I still have a huge crush on Rahul Khanna. :)

  3. Miss M: :) I was watching this interview they were doing with him and he said he loves his work so much that it always feels like a vacation. How neat is that!
    Anon: Hehe. Glad this made you comment. :) Rahul Khanna.. sigh.

  4. My B'wood IQ is pedestrian. But is Rahul Khanna the one who was the VJ? I liked his show.

  5. TPL: Yes I think he was a VJ in MTV for sometime. This him: http://images.google.com/images?q=rahul+khanna

  6. Awww...those golden days when a stuttering Shah Rukh was always called Raj or Rahul and lured his heroines with even cheesier lines. Sigh! Not that I was a fan of Shah Rukh...but who can resist DDLJ?