Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm glad I married a morning person..

despite the well-meaning advice from an aunt to not do so, me being a night owl. And I'm glad because: the GI buys fresh bagels and croissants on weekends even before I see the first light of the day. He irons my clothes and packs my laptop on weekdays. He does the daddy duty for the Scout who (uhuhuh!) wakes up at least 2 hours ahead of me. So here's a big yay to the early riser in this house for once!

Coming soon: "I'm grrrr I married a morning person.. "


  1. Hi ! Went through a bunch of your posts and loved them all :)

    Nice place, will keep coming back for sure :D

  2. :D I am a night owl too! But then thats cos I stay up and study.

    But when I'm back home, my mom has to literally snatch the laptop away from me and makes me go to bed at 11 sharp!

    You're lucky woman! To have such an awesome husband.

  3. Miss M: Wait till you read the other part.. :)