Thursday, April 29, 2010

Newton's laws interpreted

If Newton figured out gravitation when he saw an apple fall from a tree, he must have figured out inertia when he saw a child idling through the morning routine.

Case in point:
* If the Scout is taking a bath, he wants to continue with the bath till the water freezes over.
* If the Scout is eating his favorite breakfast (fruitloops or raisins or bububu (blueberry)), he wants to continue eating them till the box is empty.
* If the Scout wants to run around in his diapers, he is going to run around till the evil mommy chases him and drags him to get dressed.

I guess, the "greater force" that Newton's laws talk about is the mommy here! :P


  1. :)

    Scout sounds like an adorable kid

    I love watching the inertia go out the window when I say something like 'lets get ready to go to the zoo' or 'shall we go to xyz in an auto for a change?' :) Obviously only on days when I mean to do those things, otherwise all hell will break lose later on!

  2. hahahahaah! The diaper running seems to be pretty common in this side of the world :)

  3. Good one! Nothing as cute as a kid running in diapers...miss that now they're 'so big'!! Enjoy him :)

  4. Agree with Starry. Babies in diapers are adorable. (if said diaper is clean :P)

  5. Arundhati: Yep. Bribery works at most ages I believe. ;)
    R's mom: And especially when you have 5 mins to walk out the door.., right?
    starry: You wouldn't be saying that if you knew I had to hold him down with my knee sometimes to get a diaper changed. :)

  6. TPL: We have this interactive fountain (kids can turn knobs and water shoots out from various spouts etc) in a park here. You should see the toddlers frolicking in their diapers / shorts there.. :) [And there are waterproof / swimming diapers in case that 'what if..' thought crossed your mind.. ]

  7. Aren't kids soooooo damn cute in diapers? Even my otherwise skinny Junior looks plump :)

  8. you have a very sound theory here dude! :)

    and in Cub's case given a choice would be perfect as a professional streaker!

    Scout sounds totally cute! BuBubu!! hahaha!

  9. AJ - you are tagged here

  10. Re- moms and their little ones - its usually Newton's third law that applies

    For every (positive) action by the mom - there is a (negative) reaction by the child

  11. LOL! newton should have stuck to eating apples!