Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random film industry nomenclature post

Since the blog world seems to be kinda slow all of a sudden I thought I'll stick this random post up. Not that I write profound, non-random posts when the blog world is not slow.. :P

So.. anyway.. tell me this if you will:

Why are the Southy film industry names so confusing?

So you would think the Tamil film industry is called Tollywood i.e 'T' for 'Tamil'? But nooo! It is called Kollywood for Kodambakam?
So now the Kannada film industry cannot be called Kollywood because the Tamil one is already called that. So the Kannada one becomes Sandalwood! Ah, how fragrantly fresh!
Only the Telugu guys have it easy. T for Telugu. T for Tollywood.
I recently realized that mixing the names up in a group situation can be very very dangerous unless you want to be berated about it the whole evening.
Hmph! Wonder what the Mallu industry is called.


  1. Its called Mollywood


  2. It would be nice to have a Jollygood too ;-) when Jharkhand has a film industry they can call it that!

  3. What had me LOL was Lollywood. Guess where thats from!

  4. Wonder what the Bhojpuri film industry is called?! That is supposedly a huge market :)

  5. If Mallu movies are Mollywood then what would Marathi movies be? Very thought provoking indeed :)

  6. PV: Ah, cool.
    Arundhati: Will ask my uncle from Ranchi and let you know. ;)
    TPL: That's Paki. L for Lahore, correct?
    MFT: I have heard some songs from there. They are hilarious. :)
    Sands: Guddi would know?

  7. I know why Kannada industry is called Sandalwood .. remember "Kasturi Kannada" .. but what is the connection of Tollywood or say Kollywood ... any idea?

  8. Yup, Lahore it is.

    Asked a Marathi friend. He said its probably Pollywood because most Marati movies are from Pune!

    CA: Kollywood for tamil, because majority of the studios are from an area in Chennai, called Kodambakkam. Lot of movie stars (used to) live there too.

  9. When I was talking to this firang friend once and mentioned Bollwood matter-of-factly she was hugely amused/surprised! Will fwd this post to her :)

  10. CA: Yep, I get the connection between Sandal and Mysore but the connection between Sandal and Movies is not obvious. :)And K for Kodambakam.
    TPL: Pollywood, I thought, would be porn. :P Somehow doesn't fit Pune's image. :)
    And what about the Bangla film world?
    Chox: I'm guessing your mention of Bollywood must have been a few years ago? 'cos now-a-days everyone's jiving to Bollywood everywhere. :)

  11. AJ: nah. was fairly recent.

    coupla years ago another firang pal expressed her amazement at how well we indians can fix tech-type bugs (i had had a go at her laptop and helped her out). and i regularly got comments about how well we spoke angrezi :)

    and what is your mail id?

  12. just saw ur post on MiM's. Hope u guys are feeling better now. Hows the lil 1 faring?? Hugss n prayers for a speedy recovery.