Monday, April 5, 2010

The things you do for your kid..

As part of my parenting duties, I single-handedly ate one packet of MnM's and a million jelly beans in the span of 30 mins.

Why?: So the Scout doesn't make them his dinner. What better way to hide them than eat them? ;-)

Lesson learnt: Jelly beans are so damned hard to resist. They come in a million flavors and colors. There are dotted ones, ones with tiny splattering of colors, multi-colored ones and flavors like strawberry cheesecake, pinacolada, margarita, bubblegum, cotton candy, mint, mocha, coffee, orange, lime, pomegranate, cherry to name a few. How does one stop without tasting everything, eh?


  1. If that isn't the most selfless act, I wonder what is ;)

  2. We mothers really know how to keep kids away from these things ... right ?? Only today I hate more than 80% of chocolate chip cookies from the packet ... my only intention was to save my girls teeth. *looks innocently*

  3. Right. Because Scout is big enough to climb atop something and hunt for the candies on top of the fridge.

    Now that I am on your side, can you pass me some of those pomegranate flavored ones..

  4. I know what you mean!! Man, Im just tired of eating everything from the pantry just to save them!!! I also make sure they get at least an hour of hard core exercise everyday of the week, while I save them from the junk food, perched on the couch! save time, I dont use a plate right from the packet!

  5. I meant * I ATE the cookies * not hate the cookies ... but you already knew that ... right?

  6. Sands: I know, I should be getting into the hall-of-fame for this. ;)
    CA: Double chocolate chip? Soft baked? White chocolate macadamia? Which one? :)
    TPL: Come to CA. Let's go to the jelly belly factory. :)
    Guddi: Glad to have you for company!

  7. I am the World's Cham[pion Jelly Bean Eater. Cumulative 14-15 years of mommying - imagine how much saving I'd have done by now.

  8. Chox: 15 years of parenting? You are adding up FB's and LB's ages? :)

  9. well 1+1 > 2 when you cumulate mommy years, no?!

    1. there is just one kid in the car. could be either. no one is bothered abut sitting in the front seat.
    2. there is one kid with you in a lift. could be either. no one is bothered about pressing buttons.
    3. there is one kid with you in the train/flight. you have a window seat and the one next to it. the kid isn't bothered about the window seat.

    now make just one change in 1,2,3 - both instead of one kid. see the diff.

    i rest my case.

  10. And we complain about putting on weight? I am building safe where no perishables can be stored to save them from my kids. And myself!

  11. Choxie: You are scaring me. :)
    The Reluctant Mum: Welcome! Yep, we are the martyrs in many ways. ;)

  12. Okay I'll also give you the other half of the story.

    Just sneak into their room after the lights have been switched off. Many tales of grief and happiness will be poured out, sometimes solutions worked out, always a listening ear and sympathy offered.

    And strangely when you overhear them complaining about mommy - she's on the computer, she won't listen, so you tell me what to do types - you'll find yourself smiling.

  13. You are the best mom, ever, AJ.

    @Chox: Your comments say it all!

  14. And I thought I was the only mum looking into his school bag for chocs and sneakily eating them (sheepish). But the noble intentions have since changed to pure greed on my part - I'm a chocoholic!