Monday, April 19, 2010

This day, Apr 2009
Number of gray hairs plucked from head: 1

Number of gray hairs plucked from head: 5

And that sums up my answer to questions like: 'HBD. what did u do?'


  1. Happy B'day AJ!
    Should we get you hair dye?

  2. Happy Birthday AJ! Welcome to the 'elegant ladies who wear their hair grey' club :)

  3. Chox: You really don't know your TLAs. :)
    Thanks all for the wishes and the tips. :) Will try each of the tips for a few days / months. :)

  4. Happy Birthday :) May I remind you of a superstition I hold dear? Do not pluck greys :)

  5. belated Happy Birthday AJ!

    i will soon have no hair! so your story defi sounds better at this point in time!! :p

    have a great year ahead!!

  6. HBD Fellow April born :) Highlights work real nice and you can even match the colors to your personality ;)

  7. I know its way toooo late...but belated happy birthday...white have company here :)

  8. Belated birthday wishes! And for you, I wish that if grays are unavoidable, then let them be like Maharani Gayatridevi's...super elegant.

  9. TRM: Hehe. Do I dare ask what happens if.. ? :)
    MamaMia: Bald women are way hotter than grey haired if you ask me. :)
    Chox: Thanks, one who reads The Economist back to back but doesn't know HBD. ;)
    Sands: Yay! April-borns rock, Sands. :)
    R's mom: Hey, you are back. Not late at all. Still collecting all the wishes.. :)
    clueless: Yep, with kohl in the eyes and silver jewelry. :)

  10. HBD AJ...I wish I could somehow manage to sneak in more alphabets and still make sense :) Hope you had a great day!

  11. Belated Happy Bday AJ!!!Sorry been missing from the blogworld!

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  13. Belated Happy Bday ! Loved reading your blog, but you are to blame for me losing (more) sleep - I couldn't stop reading!! You have a gr8 sense of humour. Following u now :)

  14. CA: DhanyawaadagaLu or shall I just say "thanksu". :)
    Shankari: LOL! I love long acronyms. :)
    Minal: Thanks Minal. Welcome back.