Friday, February 19, 2010

V-day highlights

Thought I should get this post out before Ugadi at the least. The Rajni dialogue about 'late' and 'latest' .. totally applies here.

V-day lunch: 'Mushy hearts pasta' (refer header pic) from the Average kitchen.

V-day dinner: party at a friend's place. Made a V-day themed game for it. Each person picked two cards with words written on them from a pile of cards. The goal of the game was to make a V-day wish for your Valentine using the two words. I got 'love' and 'undress' and the GI got 'fat' and 'kiss' and I should say he kicked my butt at the game although I had the more *ahem* interesting words. He came up with a funny yet subtly mushy limerick and I had an almost cheesy one-liner. He got a bar of chocolate as the prize which he promptly presented to me. Haha! Now, what was that SRK dialogue? -- 'haarkar jeetne waalon ko.. ' -- yep.. that one.. totally applies here! Dontchyathink? ;-)


  1. what was the cheesy line and the winning limerick!! we want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the header is yummm!!

  2. Is this is the pink & white pasta?

    And ditto Shruti. We want to know your cheesy one-liner :)

  3. This post is incomplete .... you hit the publish button too soon ...
    WIthout the cheesy and mushy line with such interesting words ... how could this one be complete ???

  4. How cute. Now like everyone else requested please add the cheesy and mushy line :)

  5. Please, no. Too embarrassing. :)
    TPL: Yep, that was the pink and white pasta. All the pink went away while boiling.. but we still bravely ate it. :)

  6. hey, we all are dying to know pleeeeeeeeeeese tell us, atleast the winning one:)

  7. Award for u

  8. Look this is not fair. Keep coming here and only seeing pasta - makes me gor hungry!

    Where are you woman?!

  9. keeping us all wondering like this!!! so not fair!!

    cute post!!