Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reading list

[Feeling really blah, and thanks to Chox for kicking me out of blah-dom. :)]

Read 'Dreams in Prussian Blue' by Paritosh Uttam who is a friend. Liked it! I think it is good literature and at the same time entertaining. Good job from a first-timer, especially someone who isn't a blogger. Some of his short stories (available on his site) are very well-written too.

Reading 'Arranged marriage' by Divakaruni and feeling very 'blah' about it. I read her 'Palace of illusions' and couldn't figure out what the ga-ga was about. So I decided to try another book to see if I was missing something. But uhuh, I just don't seem to be in the same zone as her. I think I'm done with the types of Lahiri and Divakaruni and I don't mean it in a snobbish way. I sincerely think I can't read them anymore though.

Also, thanks to the Scout, we are reading 'Brown Bear Brown Bear' and 'Thakkita Tharikitta bouncing ball' and 'Barney goes shopping' like a million times every day. Those are the running favorites right now. I have started distracting him with other books now just so I don't get a headache out of reading the same things again and again and again. But the child seems to love them more everyday.

That's what we have been up-to in the reading department. What have you been up-to?


  1. Incidentally I added a new widget listing what we are reading here few days back in my blog ...
    Curious about "Thakkita Tharikitta bouncing ball" ... what is this?

  2. I'm so blah-ish about books these days...thanks for the suggestions. I thought Queen of Dreams and Mistress of Spices by Divakaruni were good-ish, haven't read Arranged Marriage. I'm actually reading Rajagopalachari's Ramayana after a very long time...enjoying it.

  3. Child 1 has been feasting upon a bunch of books I got her recently - looks like she'll soon be able to recite The Secret Garden from memory.
    Child 2 - will soon recite Katie Morag. She already does actually. Just started reading fluently and will read everything incl. supermarket deal pamphlets.
    Me - draft of a report I am supposed to produce. Aargh.

  4. CA: is the book. I think Scout likes it because he loves playing with a ball these days.
    Starry: Haven't read the Queen of Dreams or the Mistress of spices. Looks like I'm going to take a break from the author for now..
    Chox: Get the FB and LB to review that report for you. :)

  5. Bought The Last Mughal just today. Hope to start right away :) I am slow like that. Dalrymple's next - Nine lives already been in the stores for a while now....

  6. @MFT: After I read The Last Mughal I wrote to Dalrymple asking him to do a children's historical fiction series given that he has done so much research already. He replied saying it was a good idea but kid-lit was not his forte :( :)
    Actually parts of the existing book itself can be edited to create a book for kids. Would make an awesome one.

  7. Going slow on reading these days. Have been compensating by watching a truck load of movies on streaming video in languages that I know and don't :)

  8. Reading lots of sewing related stuff. It makes me very happy :)

  9. MFT: Put a hold on 'The Last Mughal' in the library. Somehow out of the book buying phase these days.
    Chox: Neat!
    Sands: For the past 3 weeks, Sunday nights (after the Scout goes down) have become movie nights for us.
    TPL: Naaiiice! What sewing project are you on?

  10. Currently, only reading. Will be a couple of weeks before I start I think. But when I do, you can be sure I'll show it off :)

  11. @Chox: Nice of him to have replied, isn't it? Last night I just managed to skim through the characters section. That hasn't even registered yet...long term project, this one is going to be!

  12. @MFT: Its my claim to fame: Dalrymple replied to me!! ;)

    Stayed up two consecutive nights - thats how gripping it is. He should totally author all school history books.

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  14. reading a book that is trashing the Self Help and Actualization Movement bashing all the gurus from tim robbins and dr phil.

    / another by Robert Kiyosaki "if you want to be rich and happy dont go to school"

    here am catching up on back issues of readers digest -- which is pretty pathetic /
    and two magazines + four newspapers a day. yay!

  15. i am NOW reading Atlas shrugged.we finally managed to empty one box of M's books after 5 years and now there is lot of stuff i have heard of and not read and never heard of and obviously not read!

    so our loo right now has sherlock holmes and atlas shrugged. you can tell who went last depending on whose book is on the top! :p

    also keep flipping thru dilbert and calvin randomly and laugh like crazy! :)