Friday, February 5, 2010


Brunch menu, 3 Sundays ago: Mysore Masala Dosa, Sambar, Chutney, Uppittu, Kesari Bath

Brunch menu, 2 Sundays ago: Mysore Masala Dosa, Sambar, Chutney, Uppittu, Kesari Bath

Brunch menu, last Sunday: Mysore Masala Dosa, Sambar, Chutney, Uppittu, Kesari Bath

Brunch menu, planned for this Sunday: Mysore Masala Dosa, Sambar, Chutney, Uppittu, Kesari Bath

Guests: Mutually exclusive sets of people each week, stuffed unsuspectingly with the same menu.

Moral of the story: Once you have a super-hit menu, rinse and repeat ad nauseam.

Do you have a menu-ad-nauseam?


  1. for firang friends: chhole, sookha aloo, poori, matar-pulao, kadhi.
    always a hit, even if its the same set again.

    desi pals - aah thats trickier!

  2. aah how I wish I could do this. The OH will not let me repeat menus in this household. The residents are harder to please than the guests for sure :)

  3. Chox: What is sookha aloo? Please enlighten. Your menu is mouth-a-waterin!
    Sands: The GI loves formulae that work well. :) I'm the one who usually doesn't do this but with the Scout and guests every week, it has been easy to stick to a well-versed menu.

  4. Dosa and Uppit and Kesari bhath ! Take a bow lady !
    Our Menu used to be Bisibele bhath, Ambode, Majjige Huli, Mosaranna, Saar, Palya, Kosambari and Sandige sometime back.

    Now try out different things ... mostly depends on the number of people invited and the rarity :)

  5. CA: Your menu is classic. Love it. BBB and ambode.. mmmmm. I'm not a fryer these days. Just takes too much effort to fry just-in-time and keep things crisp and then if the Scout decides he needs attention at the exact same time, everything goes kaput. How do you manage with the C and junior?

  6. I completely hear you sister .... That was our menu "Sometime Back" ... you see sometime back is the key ... BP kept cantaloupe busy .. now with 2 kids... the menu is never the same ...
    Easiest being italian ... Pizza (thanks to my breadmaker) , soup and pasta ... simple and filling :)
    The authentic menu is reserved for the days when a visiting parent or relative from India is invited :)

  7. My South Indian formula is Drum stick sambar, rasam, curd and potato fry. Recent addition being karela bajjis :) Its helps that most of my friends are non South Indians. So they actually ask me to make this stuff. Hallelujah!

    My N.Indian menu is chapathis, stuffed brinjal curry, mango-spinach dal (super easy) and rice. Accessorized by pickles, papad, koshimbir etc.

    And a dessert, mostly bcos I like it :)

  8. @CA: Recently went for lunch to a friend's place. His wife is from Mysore. And she had made Bisibele bath, Majige Chaaru and another dish which looked like masala vadai stuffing steamed instead of fried. Forgot the name. Fell in love with BBB all over again!

    But the recipe sounded too daunting though :(

  9. TPL:Too much! You like make like chapathis when you like have guests over?! I just buy chappathis in bulk for parties.
    The masala vade steamed thingy is called 'nuchhu oonde' although it is made of toor dal and not chenna dal like in masala vade AFAIK.
    nucchu = broken (gram)
    oonde = ball
    Yum! BBB is not that complicated. Will post a recipe sometime..

  10. @TPL ... agree with AJ ... BBB is not complicated ... but is time consuming.
    @AJ: Masala Vade is Ambode ?? Coz ... the Vade I make is from Urad dal :)

  11. CA:
    Masala vaDa = AmboDe -> channa dal
    VaDa = Medhu vaDa = Uddin VaDe -> urad dal
    Since TPL said it was a "masala vadai stuffing steamed" I guessed it had to be "nucchu oonde" because of the steaming.
    Correct-aa? :)

  12. Yes M'am ... I am with you ... all caught up :)

  13. CA: Before I forget, which bread-maker do you have? The GI has been behind me to buy him a bread-maker so he can make Masala bread / Khara bun etc like Iyengar bakeries and I think he will follow through and deliver but I still think managing this thing in my smallish kitchen, cleaning it etc doesn't make it worthwhile. What do you say?

  14. BP forced me to buy it .... we have Cuisinart 2 lb one ... and so far have been using it with no issues. If you actually follow the proportions they specify .. the bread / buns turn out quite tasty.
    Yep ... masala bread and khara buns were the main reasons for us too .. not been disappointed.
    Cleaning is not a problem actually ... its just one container. Of course storage is a problem ... its quite huge .... and I haven't found a permanent spot for it in our kitchen yet :(

  15. I think I used to...haven't invited a soul in months now.. busy getting invited these days. :)

  16. Home made chapathis, only if guest count <= 6. And they must be consumed quickly, lest they turn into papads :-/

    Looking fwd to BBB recipe. My friend said she started prepping the prev day. That scared me away!

  17. Paneer pakoda, one of our fab Konkani karela dishes, fish cutlets (if non-veggies), kokum kadhi or saaru, our style dal-water (dalithoi) and any other Konkani hit coconut gravies or mirchi salan Hyderabadi style!!! Works everytime!

    You better believe it works everytime!

  18. I've taken simplfication to an extreme. We order in. :)

    With HD's friends, the focus is mostly on the drinks and accompanying snacks. The meal goes mostly untouched. So I've specialised in starters - Cheesy Monacco biscuits, salsa with nachos, brushetta / garlic bread, bengali jhaal moori. And if you notice, these are all the put-together-quickly kinds :)

  19. Gosh! this is turning into a cookery blog! LOL .
    BBb works for me too! .. Now that we have a cook, we have gotten more Adventurous :)

  20. sigh! i repeat only 'coz i know very little!

    even i tend to concentrate on starters and then order in the main course. chapatis are always bought!

    starts are steamed corn with dollop of butter, alu chaat, a cold pasta salad types, some frozen store brought stuff that can be fried in a jiffy!

    i totally need a cooking class now!