Monday, February 8, 2010

When we get frisky and make heads turn..

Ahem.. and by "we", I do not mean the GI and me. Aha! Now I have your full attention, don't I? So, this Chinese co-worker friend (a spunky, unpredictably funny, straight girl for the record) and I were walking back from lunch inside our office campus. We were discussing some work topic, when I low-five'ed her for some work item that we seemed to have found a solution for. She low-five'ed back and very spontaneously held my hand and we walked like that, swinging hands between us, like two happy kids enjoying a good camaraderie. And girl, did we make a few heads turn? It was so amusing to see people's reactions that we walked hand-in-hand all the way back to our offices! Were people shocked about seeing two girls walk hand-in-hand? Err.. I don't think so. Come-on, this is frikkin-liberated-than-liberace-Frisco. I think people were more interested in knowing if there was some new development between us! Haha. Anyway it was a fun exercise in making heads turn. Doesn't happen to me everyday! :)

What was your head-turning moment off-late?


  1. Mine was Junior pulling out Wool at the Craft store and announcing loudly she wanted BOO while I was over the phone discussing the wool color with my mom for her knitting projects.

    Wait ... did that sound like an embarrassing moment?? Oh Well ... I live only those these days ... no one turns head just for me :(

  2. I almost never wear dresses to work. Recently wore one to a colleague's party and everyone seemed amused. One guy came up to me and asked "you look different today. Did u cut your hair?" LOL

    p.s: love 'frisco. Saw RGV while walking thro the pier!

  3. Sigh, it's when my kids poke at my bust when pointing at a design on my T-shirt, and everyone around me is enjoying it!

  4. CA: I'm sure heads turn when she says something to make you proud as well.
    TPL: Cool! I don't think I have ever worn a dress to work. :(
    Starry: This one has started pulling up T to show tummy of hisself and mommy. uhuh.

  5. when I had to be stoke basketed down the hill after I sprained my ankle and brutally bruised the ligaments going to the foot and heal!!!

  6. Thought I'd left a comment (or two)..

  7. Sands: I should have asked you to say something other than the obvious one. :) But how are you doing?
    Chox: Hmm.. what error do you see when comment posting fails? I need to ask mim too. Let me know if it shows you an error or something and I'll try my best to fix it.. or I might move to wordpress. :(

  8. Dont see any error AJ.

    Anyway that was funny :)

    My head-turning moment: three of us from campus were going to Adyar in a bus, we were sitting in the last seat. A hero-type was doing silly stunts on a bike right behind the bus. One of my friends said 'pinnaadi paar' to us. I was very Tamil-challenged then and said 'Pinnaadi paar? Means what?' so loudly that the whole bus - right up to the driver, pinnaadi-paar-fied. The other two almost died of embarrassment (they still won't let me forget!).

  9. Kissed GF on the mouth at a drunk party and had a pic taken too..which I was ok with.
    Apparently the camera used was his parents'!! take that, hand holder! :)

  10. Award Awaiting...Please check my blog :)

  11. Chox: I can so see that happening in a bus full of maamas and maamis in Chennai. :)
    Guddi: GF = Guy Friend? Girl friend? Whatever it is, it wins this round! :)
    R's mom: Thank you!