Wednesday, September 29, 2010

10 point update

  1. Thanks to everyone who pinged about my whereabouts to make me get off my butt and post.
  2. About 4 weeks to go to the D-day. Things are fine! Nothing much to write home about except work has ^peaked^ since I'm taking off soon.
  3. Baby names are being short-listed. That's the minimum amount of prep we need to do before he arrives I guess. Should tell you much about the general lack of preparation here.
  4. We are thinking of ourselves as parenting experts and being so relaxed about everything this time around. I'm sure the second one is going to be poles apart from the first one just to teach us a lesson.
  5. Got professional house cleaning done for the first time using the whale-like physique as an excuse.
  6. Scout talks nineteen to the dozen and is generally an easy-going toddler. But he reminded us that he is still very much a toddler by having a major major mother of all meltdowns at one of the parent-teacher meets in his daycare. I really understood what parents mean when they say they want the earth to open up and swallow them that instant.
  7. Nesting instinct is kicking in. I NEED space-saving STORAGE SOLUTIONS.
  8. My masala dabba is forever lacking stuff these days. If I remember to buy mustard from the store, I forget to buy jheera or something like that. Waiting for the mom to get here to fix such stuff.
  9. Was thrown 3 babyshowers, many thanks to friends and co-workers. This second one better not complain about any lack of attention.
  10. FB feeds flooded with Endhiran fandom. Anyone going to the FDFS?
Alright, folks! That's all from here. Nothing exciting really, and I hope it stays that way for a few more weeks. See you around!


  1. AJ, great to know you are doing well....just a month left for Scout Jr is it :):) take care of your health and good know your your mom is going to be around

  2. Awesome update! My sympathies for the meltdowns :(

    At least you have an excuse for the mixed-up masala dabba, what do I plead?!

    And yes, God sends the second ones WONLY to teach us smug experienced types a big lesson! Enjoy the ride :-D

  3. Thanks for the update.. was wondering!

    And second one - mixture of been-there-done-thats and new surprises :)

  4. Have been wondering about you. Glad things are crawling along. One thing for sure is that the second one will be nothing like the first one :) Good luck! Looking forward to news on the big day.

  5. Hey, good to get an update, even if its abt cleaning the house :P

    Endhiran - I am waiting for the reviews and the DVD. And yes, my FB has been taken over by robotics fans too.

  6. Good to hear from you !! Kids have that talent in them to chose the right moment for a meltdown :((

    Second one will help you re-define your parenting myths :)

  7. Good to see a new post ! Storables, Container Store, even Ikea - all have decent space saving storage solutions !

  8. it doesnt matter what you do... you will never have enough space.

    v.v.v.v.glad it's a boy
    would have been v.v.v.v.v. envious otherwise.

    deep breaths, aj!

  9. so wassup??!! :)

    i have another 4 weeks to go now and i havent even started anything called preparation types! gah!

    all the best woman!!


  10. Is he here yet? You're all silent! I know he's here. Tell, tell!!!