Saturday, August 28, 2010

How not to compliment a pregger...

  1. Wow! You are big!
  2. Wow! You look ready to pop!
  3. You have some face weight, but don't worry, it will go away after the delivery!
  4. You are having two boys!? Have fun!
  5. Lucky you! Your husband does so much around the house.


  1. Had a friend in the bldg, everyone went on and on commenting and gossiping about how much weight she had put on. They went on and on for 9 months until I wanted to slap them.

    For me, it was about how much weight I didn't put on :P Gah!

    For no. 5, just say, "My gosh, poor you, your husband doesn't do anything at all"...and look superior :)

  2. When I told my boss, an Englishman with Scottish blood, about my pregnancy he told me he'd thought so but hadn't asked because he follows the principle 'its better to have a preg lady stand on the tube than to have one-whos-not in tears' :)

    u cd tell them...
    1 => u have a big heart 2, which is why ure forgiving them

    2=> its not what they think, ure just bursting with happiness

    3=> ure not so sure coz they havent lost theirs yet ;)

  3. I loved arundhati's n starry's comments. :)
    Hope u are doing ok. Hugssssss.

  4. Ignore them and totally focus on the two beautiful lives (inside and outside you).

    (am all Paati-like today, no?)

  5. Oooh, I vote for Arundhati's reply to no. 3...why did I never think of that before? :P

  6. Ignore...and all will be well :)

  7. i dont give a damn! i am just to happy to bother really!

    except when my Doc nods disapprovingly the moment i get on to the weighing scale! now thats ahert breaking! i mean cant even a pregger woman get fat in peace anymore?!

    love Starry's and arundhati's replies tho if you are in a particular snappy mood! ;)


  8. I'd be most pissed about #4.

    From my observations, I feel that other parents are the most critical. The young couples (who are yet to have kids) seem very careful to not say something inappropriate.

  9. Hope you can tune out such tasteless remarks !

    You should carry a tube of glue around to seal the lips of these folks' - better for humanity in general

  10. Breathe ... breathe ...
    I love all those ideas from Starry .. only I could never use them when needed :(

  11. Starry: Yeah, and this when I'm actually well within the accepted range of weight gain.

    Arundhati: LOL. I wish I could use your suggestions. :)

    MM: Doing fine. This was just a rant. Thanks!

    Chox / R's mom: Ignore only it is.

    Mama-Mia: I know, that damned weighing machine is like the gate-keeper at the doctor's. :)

    TPL: I'm with you on #4. You know, it's OK if someone with two boys sympathizes with me but not others. :)

    PV: Tube of glue to seal my ears would be good too. :)

    CA: Hehe. Yep, this was a rant. Can't use any smart remarks in real life because most of these people who say such things are not that bad.. but don't know what gets into them to make them insensitive now and then.

  12. How are you AJ? Has nesting phase started ?

  13. wassup with you?? all set??! as if one can ever be!!