Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Excuse me, kya re?

Mein do bachhon ki maa re!

Yes, baby Vic is here.
Born: 20102010 (ddmmyyyy)

The nurses were more excited about the date than us. They literally pushed me to *push* before the start of the next day.

Scout's reaction: "Hi baby! How are you?"

Vic's status: Eat. Sleep. Poop. Pee.

My status: What more could a second-time mom ask for? May be a killer figure. Ha?


  1. Congratulations !!!! A warm hug to baby Vic !!

  2. congratulations! Here's wishing the second time around ma peaceful nights when Vic sleeps blissfully and a killer figure as Santa's gift :)

  3. Yay! Congratulations!!!

    So nice to have you back.

  4. Whoooopeeee! Whattay birthday! Congrats! And Vic almost shares a birthday with my lil' guy :)

    Take care you, and happy recovery! Muuuuuuuahhh to Vic n Scout!

  5. Congratulations... :) Love to Vic n scout.

  6. Congratulations AJ!!! Wishing you a great time with your boys :)

  7. congratssss!! was just checking with starry the other day if she had heard from you!

    my M will die of envy at that date!! :)

    wishing four of you great times ahead!


  8. Sahi!!! what a wonderful date to be born..hope you are doing well and so is Vic :):) oh..Congrats by the way :)

  9. Congratulations!!
    2 boys in the house eh.. am sure btwn the 2 of them u'll get that killer figure pretty fast ;)

  10. yay!

    and why is he baby vic?
    that doesnt seem to be the 'average' choice of a nick

    2 am feeds are great time to update blogs...
    love to the new big brother

  11. Congratulations! Just got to know that baby vic has arrived :) Hope you and the baby are doing well and also the older brother.

  12. Congrats!Think am delurking first time around here.have been reading you for quite some time though.nice date:)
    The hubby's Bday is on 20th Oct too.

  13. CONGRATS!!!

    Welcome to this side (one kid/multiple kids) of this side (parent/non-parent)!! May you and the babies get loads of happiness always.

    *does aarti to AJ babe*

  14. Hey AJ, how you doing..baby Vic keeping you busy is it?

  15. Congrats!!
    Killer figure - LOL!

    btw, first time here and while you are busy with baby vics, I'm off to dig into your arhives..

  16. oye!! some updates pliss!!!!

    am sure baby vic is doing more than just poo pee feed and sleep by now!


  17. Hey AJ, hope all fine at your end..its ages since you posted...baby Vic and elder bro fine?