Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quick recap

I'm feeling very blah with the sudden lack of holiday stuff to do. So here is a quick bulleted post to get me out of blah-dom.
  • Had a splendid holiday week with family, friends, eating and merry-making.
  • Made a kick-a$$ pina-colada and jaljeera for a party and was impressed with my own creation.
  • Went around many neighborhoods looking at the holiday lights and the Scout was mesmerized. He voiced his disagreement every time we moved past a house without stopping long enough.
  • Gifted Tulika books to many kids of friends and family. They were mostly gleeful at being gifted books which was a good thing although some would have been happier with light sabers and action figures and doll houses I admit. Oh, well, next time.
  • Watched a bunch of movies: Avatar with the work folks and 3i and Rocket Singh with the GI. All of them were good although I have my peeves about each one of them. Read Kiran Desai's 'Inheritance of loss' finally. Reading 'A short history of nearly everything' now
  • Planning a do at home for Sankranti, what with amma sending yeLLu (mixture of sesame, jaggery etc) and sakkare acchu (sugar figurines). Will probably help keep the holiday cheer going.

That's all folks! Hope you had a good ending and a stupendous beginning as well!


  1. It's funny, but I kinda feel anti-climaxed too. Nothing seems to cheer me up. I need to go to the mall and find people to laugh at maybe. :(

  2. Guddi: If you are feeling the emptiness, no wonder I'm feeling it too. Come back and tell us about your laugh-apades at the mall.

  3. What are sugar figurines? Pictures please?

    I wanna watch Rocket Singh too.

    And about books: are you on goodreads?

  4. Yeah, feeling a yawning valley suddenly opening up below all the New year exhilaration...threatening to swallow me up :( All the sugar/jaggery coming up at Sankranti should give me that artificial high I need :-D

    Yay for Tulika. And sucks to the parents who can't appreciate those gifts! (speaking from experience!)

  5. Jaljeera? - yumm!

    Please to list the movie peeves. Esply 3i.

    @TPL: here's what sugar figurines are:

  6. I know the feeling. Esp when you realize that following the holidays it is a long haul of boring work weeks before the next long weekend comes in sight :( Now if I can only not be sick, then I can at least think of other plans with crazy friends.

  7. You are all set for Sankranthi .... nice ! Advantage #32 of going to India close to festival time. I need to prepare those yet :(
    Cheer up now ... may be some Kadlekayi snacking should do the trick

  8. TPL: Not on good reads. Will check it out. Go to Chox's comment for the sugar figurine info.
    Starry: The parents were thankful. But some kids (who also read books) want toys as gifts sometimes and that's OK, no?
    Chox: Thanks for the link. We have the same set of acchus at home. About 3i: Rajkumar Hirani is getting formulaic. And Rancho is OTT. He can do everything from electrocuting a senior to delivering a baby and in between preaching about education.
    Sands: Get well soon. There's V-day coming up and we need another picture of you two dancing..
    CA: Hey, you make them on your own? Wow! I have only stood by (literally) amma when she makes them. :)