Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pay it backwards

Amma (in some context): I was reading this, that and this other book last week..
GI: Athe (aunty), if you read at this pace, I'll be forced to set question papers to quiz you on what you are reading.
Me: Yeah! We should totally do that. She did that to us when we were kids.

Yeah, that's how I repay the mater and assuage my guilt of repaying my parents zilch!


  1. And she gives you an absurd answer ... that would be how she will pay it back :)

  2. and don't forget the tiny knock on the head or pinch in the thigh if you didn't get it for long :)

  3. Hey, you got them Scout :)

    Dont guilt yourself. Been there, doing that :-/

  4. CA: LOL.
    Sands: In such situations my mom liked to say things like "Yeah, spend more time giggling with X. They are going to ask you about that in the exam tomorrow for sure". :)
    TPL: Why are you siding up to the Scout? He isn't even in the picture here. :)

  5. Revenge is sweet indeed! Sigh....whatever I say to my kids, I know is going to come back and bite me in the arse BIGTIME!

  6. hahahahaha! I should try that on my Mom sometime...Thanks for the idea ;)

  7. LOL! :) U try it! n let me know the consequences!

  8. Let me word it differently:

    You gave your parents a grandson. So its not like you gave your parents zilch.

    See, I was siding with you all along :)

  9. starry: Yeah, corollary: Our kids will do unto us what we did to our parents. :)
    R's mom: LOL. Lets exchange question papers.
    Shruti: What if she says she will stop cooking or something!!
    TPL: Very very sorry to have misjudged your loyalty! :)

  10. LOL!
    Its gonna come back to you too one day AJ! Our dear Scout is going to do the same. ;)

  11. I commented 2 days ago and I don't see it now. anyway, here goes...
    Moms will always score 100%..they keep tabs on TV show characters, you think they'll miss anything from books??

  12. Chox: LOL, Don't encourage me! :)
    MissM: I live in mortal fear of that day. :)
    Guddi: So sorry about your comment and I don't even moderate or anything! I know, moms always know e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g! Similarly, I hope you are the know-it-all in front of your girls now. :)

  13. Hello, came here via your comment on the sakkare achchu post. Thanks for reading and commenting. Was in Bangalore then. Just got back last week.

    P.S. Better treat your mom nice. You still want those moulds, right?! :)