Monday, December 28, 2009

HoHoHo, shouldn't he be San Claus?

Isn't 'Santa' a female saint in Spanish? Aren't all the 'Santa' towns female? Like Santa Monica, Santa Clara, Santa Fe, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara etc.
Isn't 'San' a male saint in Spanish? Aren't all the 'San' towns male? Like San Francisco, San Juan, San Carlos, San Pedro, San Antonio etc.

Why then is Santa Claus a guy? If he is a guy, shouldn't he be called San Claus? 

Anyway, ignore my random questions and continue to rock that party you are at! 
Here's wishing everyone a very happy 2010!


  1. Cross dresser??
    Have a great 2010!!!.. and whatever is left of 2009!!

  2. who knows? very logical though :) Too busy partying and hanging out to think straight though. Happy new year to you too!!

  3. Happy new year AJ!!! :D
    Its been soooo long since I commented on your space!

    Arre no no AJ, you got it all wrong!
    His actual name is Satinder Chadda. And he's actually punjabi! You didn't know? From there it became 'Santa Claus'. :D