Thursday, December 24, 2009

The good-u and the bad-u of the Bengaluru trip-u

The Good: Scout managed the flight very well.
The Bad: We got labeled as irresponsible parents by one couple for letting him crawl over the aisles (supervised). Hey, but at least he wasn't cranky like a bunch of other kids who were forcefully stuck to their parents' laps.

The Good: No real stranger anxiety for the Scout.
The Bad: He couldn't loose sight of me for more than 30 minutes though. Thus were squashed all my gallivanting plans.

The Good: Bought a ton of books.
The Bad: The packing and also managing them in front of the Scout who is in a book-tearing phase.

The Good: Ate at many restaurants and loved them all. The Scout ate too and didn't fall sick once.
The Bad: The mega argument between the GI and me about eating out -- if we are doing the right thing with money that can be better used for some of the other causes we are pursuing.
The ugly: Child labor in one of the restaurants.

The Good: Met quite a few uncles, aunts and cousins.
The Bad: Did not get to meet a few other cousins because of ancestral real estate squabbles even though we are removed from the actual fight by n-degrees.

The Good: Met quite a few undergrad friends who made it a point to call and trekked half-way over Bangalore to meet.
The Bad: Could not contact any of the 3 Bangalore bloggers I know. :( And now that I'm back, I feel even sadder about not meeting them when I had the chance.

Sigh... !


  1. This was 1 good-u post-u!!! LOL!

    whats this - "The ugly: Child labor in one of the restaurants" U kidding rt?

    n whats a trip without a fight!! lady, when on a holiday, Splurge! there will always be avenues to save money once u go back.

    Bigg kiss to scout for being such a good kiddo throughout. :) Glad u r back.

  2. You ate (kadles), you met, you ate again (restaurant). I only see good when 2 'eats' sandwich a 'met'!!

  3. ahh those ancestral squabbles. It can get quite hilarious tracing back the history of who's not talking to whom, who's not invited where and who didn't turn up because of what. Families are meant to be potboilers, I tell ya!

    And Blr food never makes you sick! That's why we eat out too much, gah!

    great summary of your trip!

  4. Shruti: Yes, there was this kid who cleaned our table after we ate. I asked a cousin to enquire more and he just now told me that the kid is actually 15 years old (although he didn't look it) and goes to school and works in the nights to help the family. That's that. Oh, about the eating out, it was me who wanted to eat out but the GI disliked the flashy consumerism so much that he didn't enjoy the eating out experience so much.

    Guddi: The trip was full of meet-and-eat events. :) No other bohemian activities this time.

    starry: I know! And every family these days has some stellar squabble going on or so I felt in this trip.

  5. sounds like a fun trip. It's too bad when things get hectic and we don't get to do some stuff that we wanted to. But getting to eat is always good. Tell the hubby it's either food or jewelry and you know what he'll pick ;)

  6. lots of good eats? sounds like a good trip!

  7. Bingo on the family squabbles .... its worst when you living miles away are dragged into it unnecessarily. Too much pressure to maintain harmony if you cared for it.
    And yes ... Bengaluru restaurants rock !

  8. yello! me also from bengaluru :) i came back-u and you went-u in 2009-u :) I don't know how I landed on your blog, but it is keeping me up and not allowing me to sleep-u ... pls. pls. don't write so well-u :)