Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This day, that month

Nov 26 '08. Six months ago. We were four days away from Scout's expected due date. The doc lady had sad that if she had to put money she would estimate that the actual date of arrival might be a day or two beyond the EDD. Bored of waiting, I badgered the GIJoe and my mom to go watch Quantum of Solace and more specifically the awesomeness that is Daniel Craig. Off we went and watched the night show with strict instructions from both the GIJoe and the mater that we were to leave if Scout moved or kicked even a bit. The Scout in fact was very accommodating of my interests in the double-o. He did not kick at all. Hmph, he is still not so ready to make an appearance I thought. But then kids like to prove their parents wrong all the time. He had reserved his strength for the next day and kicked and boxed his way out in less than 8 hours, from start to finish. Happy 6th month birthday dear Scout!

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  1. Happy birthday to scout too! :)

    Came here from Mad Momma's blog.