Friday, May 29, 2009

All 6 yards

I love sarees. Especially the traditional ones. I'm always eyeing amma's traditional Kanjeevarams and Benarasis. Although I have a few newer ones of these types of my own, I love how her older ones feel on the skin. And the zari looks so much richer on the really good, old ones. I make deals with amma to flick her sarees whenever possible. :-) My ajji had lovely silks as well. One was this pitch black silk with a 2-inch gold border with the story of the Ramayana woven into it. What I would have given to have preserved that one. But due to family feuds that cannot be delved into I do not even know where my ajji's sarees are.

I wish I could one day own (and elegantly wear) as many different types of traditional sarees as possible. I have Kanjeevarams, Dharmavarams, Mysore silks, Tussars right now. Waiting for the chance to buy Kota, Patola, Lucknow chicken, Bengal cotton, Phulkari, Bandhni, Kantha, Taant, Gadwal, Pochampalli etc. I must have missed quite a few varieties. I don't even know where to find good ones of many of these. Looks like I have a good 20-30 years worth of work to build a reasonable collection. Any and all tips / suggestions will be much appreciated.

PS: Wearing a deep fuchsia Mysore silk with little green and blue peacocks embroidered on it for a house warming this weekend. The GIJoe and Scout will be in appropriately matching kurtas as well. :)


  1. I love going saree shopping! Plus, you can get creative with the blouse designs! :D

    Btw, deep fuchsia mysore silk sounds really nice!!
    You should put up a pic or two. ;)

  2. I wish I had these contextual pictures to make the blog look nicer. :)