Friday, June 26, 2009

I remember the time..

I remember rewinding his cassettes a million times to mug the lyrics of his songs. Especially "Annie are you okay?" had us flummoxed. I still sing it with my own bullshit lyrics most of the time. I remember screaming "Beat it" and "Bad" on hot summer afternoons with our own un-cool moves. I remember him as the one who introduced the words "break dance" into our vocabularies. Remember many a wannabe kids going to classes to learn the moonwalk (and making a joke out of themselves). I remember the time when MJ was our window into that hallowed world of western pop. RIP. You were the greatest icon of our generation. We will always remember the time.

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  1. Came over to say that i finally updated my blog! A little late I know but stilll.. better late than never right? :)

    Also, you haven't updated in quite a while!